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The copper plate of the polyqin aluminum substrate has a very good heat removal function

Release Time:2017-12-04

Aluminum plate as a metal copper is very good and superior to heat function, its structure is relatively simple, the main circuit layer (copper) and the three basic component layer and metal layer on the insulating layer, and the unit is also designed to double panel form, mainly to the high-end equipment design, the structure of the circuit layer, an insulating layer as a partition as the transmission signal, aluminum matrix as the heat conduction and heat dissipation effect, this structure can be said to be the type of relatively simple, it is also noteworthy that the plate also has many plates, of course, is extremely rare. The structure of the aluminum substrate can be said to be such a structure: the common multilaminates are fitted with the corresponding insulating layer and the aluminum based structure.

The most important part of aluminum substrate is the insulation layer, which is also the core technology. It is mainly used for thermal conductivity and insulation, mainly for adhesion devices. When choosing such a product, the quality of the insulating layer directly determines the performance of the product, because the most important function of the insulation layer is that it is the biggest barrier to heat conduction of the power block related structure. There must be no one without this. Because the heat of the device is mainly formed by this absorption. The more heat absorbed, the better the effect. At the same time, it will help to reduce the series of temperature generated by the operation of the device. Aluminum substrate manufacturers will enhance the efficiency and extend the service life of the device. The metal layer has the coefficient of action of thermal expansion, which is the most comprehensive consideration of the thermal conductivity. Mature technology to graduate cost conditions, the more mature technology, the cost is likely to reduce a lot.

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