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High cost performance aluminum based copper clad plate manufacturer poly Qin science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Release Time:2017-11-29

Aluminum base copper clad laminate is aluminum plate, is a raw material, which is based on the electronic glass fiber cloth or other reinforcing material impregnated with resin, single resin as an insulating adhesive layer, a plate material on one or both sides covered with copper foil and made by hot pressing, known as copper clad laminated aluminum substrate. Referred to as the aluminum base copper clad laminate.

Aluminum base copper clad laminate as printed board, circuit board manufacturing, mainly for interconnection, insulation and support effect on the printed circuit board, has a great influence on the transmission speed, circuit of signal energy loss and characteristic impedance of printed circuit board, the performance, quality, manufacturing process, manufacturing level, manufacturing cost and long term reliability and stability depends largely on the aluminum base copper clad laminate.

There are three kinds of aluminum based copper clad laminate, one is the 1 thermal conductivity with relatively low thermal conductivity, the two is the thermal conductivity of medium thermal conductivity of 1.5, and the three is the highest thermal conductivity above 2. Aluminum based copper clad plate has domestic and Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the United States and so on, the mainstream of the market is Taiwan and domestic two major categories.

Aluminum base copper clad laminate manufacturers in Shenzhen poly Qin Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2012, is a high-tech private enterprise, specializes in all kinds of metal base copper clad laminate production and research and development, the company has strong technical strength, excellent equipment, advanced technology, with strong product development capabilities and flexible adaptability to the market, the product widely used in LED lighting, automotive, power equipment and electronic communication equipment.

Our company's main products are aluminum based copper clad laminate, copper based copper clad laminate, iron based copper clad laminate, ceramic based copper clad laminate, resistive foil, flexible metal clad laminate, high thermal conductive adhesive film, high thermal conductivity coated copper foil, high temperature resistant copper clad laminate and so on.

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