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Copper based copper based copper clad plate to create specialized industrial cluster of copper based materials

Release Time:2017-11-29

Metal based copper clad plate is usually composed of three parts: metal substrate, insulating medium and conductive layer (generally copper foil). One or two sides of the metal substrate, which is treated by chemical or electrochemical treatment, are coated with dielectric layer and copper foil, and are compounded by hot pressing. According to the structure, composition and performance of metal based copper clad plate, it is divided into various kinds. The structure is divided into metal substrate, coated metal substrate and metal core substrate. It is divided into aluminum base clad plate, iron based copper clad plate, copper based copper clad plate, molybdenum base copper clad plate and so on. They are divided into general metal based copper clad laminate, flame retardant metal clad laminate, high heat resistant metal clad laminate, high thermal conductivity metal clad laminate, superconducting hot metal clad laminate, high frequency metal clad laminate, multi-layer metal clad laminate and so on. Metal based copper clad plates have excellent heat dissipation, good mechanical properties, excellent dimensional stability, electromagnetic shielding, and electromagnetic properties.

The main products of copper based copper clad laminate are aluminum based copper clad laminate, copper based copper clad laminate, iron based copper clad laminate, ceramic based copper clad laminate, resistive foil, flexible metal clad laminate, high thermal conductive adhesive film, high thermal conductivity, coated copper foil, high temperature resistant copper clad laminate, etc.

China's copper based materials processing industry started relatively late in the developed countries, and the development of cluster is not enough and the planning is inadequate. According to the layout adjustment of China's "12th Five-Year development plan" and the trend of cluster consumption in China, copper based materials will take the way of cluster development and realize copper based materials.

The joint development of the processing industry and the copper consumption industry.

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